The selection of windows and doors depends, above all, on the building itself, and the architectural suitability of the product to the building. The first decision that must be made is the material you are looking for. The selection of materials is, in general, divided into three groups: PVC, wood or aluminium.

PVC windows and doors are the most affordable in terms of price, and these products are currently of very high quality and meet all requirements and standards. The product is definitely the one with the best possible price to quality ratio!

Wooden windows and doors are natural and have an exclusive appearance. A large number of different design opportunities are made possible by the extensive selection of colors. Well-suited for new as well as older buildings. Very good thermal and noise insulation. Environmentally friendly and easily maintained.

Aluminium-clad wooden windows and doors are identical to wooden windows in terms of their construction. As opposed to wooden windows, where the lower portion of the sash and frame are protected by aluminium, all exterior portions of windows are covered with aluminium profiles, which ensures the more effective protection of windows from external impacts and makes maintenance easy and convenient. For example, when selecting a window, nearly 90% of Europe’s window buyers prefer German-type single frame windows, since the product is very practical, simple to use and convenient to care for!